About Us

Our Mission

We understand that our clients ultimately have the answers. Our role is to facilitate a process of discovery and problem solving through service and honest communication. Our vision is both short and long term since we understand that the best solution today may not be appropriate in the future. We are dedicated to honoring your values, helping you overcome obstacles every step of the way, and achieving your success.

Expertise and Experience

VIS Inc. is made up of certified Lotus Notes Developers and experienced sales consultants in the area of IT software. Many of our developers have been developing in Lotus Notes since version 4. In addition our sales department is filled with experienced consultants with up to 20 years of experience.

How do we help you succeed?

In order to solve any problem or implement the correct solution, the right questions need to be asked. We understand that every business has its own way of managing problems and allocating resources. Therefore, before recommending any solution we first perform a Needs Analysis to qualify the nature of our task at hand and then take the next logical step in providing you the right solution.

We are Truly Unique

Our Personalized Supportâ„¢ puts you in direct contact with the developers of our applications. We skip the support representatives to make sure you get your issues resolved fast. By utilizing the Lotus Notes platform we are one of the few IT software companies that are able to completely customize our applications to your specifications with unparalled cost and speed.