Customization Services

Does your company have specific, unique needs?

In our 10+ years of implementing IT Help Desk solutions, one consistency we have found is that every organization is unique. Even with the adoption of ITILĀ® processes in recent years this fact it still true. Help desk solution providers will often try to offer a myriad of complex configuration options in an effort to address all of the possibilities. In our experience we have seen this result in what we like to call "configuration overload." This inevitably results in a steep learning curve and users fighting with the software in an effort to get it to do what they want. More often than not the software still does not do exactly what is required.

Our Approach

Our approach is to offer a core set of flexible and easily extensible configuration settings. The majority of our clients find these configuration options meet all of their requirements. For those who have unique needs we offer our customization services. This has two primary benefits: 1) You get exactly what you want and 2) The learning curve and complexity of the software is reduced.

After all, help desk software should work without effort and work exactly the way you want.

How We Customize and Support Your Customizations

At VIS we work in teams with each client. Our teams are made up of a consultant and developer. Your consultant and developer will work closely with you to identify and implement your requirements. Should you require additional customizations in the future or if you wish to upgrade and carry over your customizations, your consultant and developer will have the knowledge to get the job done.

What Can be Customized?

We perform simple to very complex customizations to the VI Service Desk. Because we use our in-house development team (many of whom originally coded the VI Service Desk) we can efficiently customize the product to meet your specific requirements.

Examples of Customizations We Have Performed:

  • Site/region-specific ticket security and workflows
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Industry/company-specific Project Management workflows
  • Addition/removal of ticket fields and features
  • Data security/visibility
  • Additional language support in the End User interface
  • Auto-generated custom reports
  • Dashboards
  • Company policy acceptance workflow
  • Purchase Order workflow
  • Web Services/Integration with non-Domino systems