Personalized Support™

Dedicated Consultant & Developer

As a client you will have a Dedicated Consultant & Developer at your disposal who knows your requirements. We know how important clear and effective communication is, and that is why we make sure you have specific points of contact. If you have any questions, your Dedicated Consultant & Developer will be just a phone call away - you will never have to talk with front line support representatives who do not know your requirements.

Quick to React

We treat every issue as a priority no matter how small. Our ability to put you in direct contact with the developers of our products allows us to resolve issues quickly and effectively. No one knows applications better than those who made them. No support representatives going through long and tedious call scripts - just quick and simple resolution of your issue.

How We Support International Clients

If you are half way around the world or right in our hometown your support will be the same. All of our consultants & developers make their cell phone numbers available to clients so they may call at any time.

How to Get Support Now

If you are a client, you can contact your dedicated consultant or developer. If you would like a general question answered you can use the support form on this page, or simply call us direct at 1 866 539 1368 (US/Canada) +1 518 720 3020 (International).

Remote & On-site Training/Consulting

We are happy to provide remote or on-site training and consulting in our products and IBM Notes/Domino®. We know the complexity of managing a large Service Desk operation and can help you put an effective, winning solution in place.